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Tax exemption for seven (7) years

Individuals who transfer their tax residence to Greece can benefit from a 50% tax exemption on their worldwide income for the first seven (7) years.

 This means that only 50% of their income will be subject to Greek taxation, while the remaining 50% will be exempted.

According to Article 5G of the Greek Income Tax Code, as amended by Article 40(1) of Law 4758/2020, a taxpayer who transfers their tax residence to Greece is exempt from income tax and the special solidarity contribution (Article 43A) for 50% of their income from employment acquired in Greece.

The conditions that need to be cumulatively fulfilled are as follows:


  • The taxpayer was not a tax resident of Greece for at least five (5) out of the previous six (6) years before the transfer of their tax residence to Greece.

  • The taxpayer transfers their tax residence from an EU or EEA member state or from a state with which Greece has an agreement on administrative cooperation in taxation.

  • The taxpayer provides services in Greece within the framework of an employment relationship as defined in paragraph 2 of Article 12 of the Income Tax Code, either to a domestic legal entity or entity or to a permanent establishment of a foreign company in Greece.

  • The taxpayer declares that they will remain in Greece for at least two years.

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