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Inheritance Law in Greece

We advise you into detail about inheritance law in Greece and develop the best possible strategy for you.


Particularly in the case of cross-border inheritance matters, initially we clarify the applicable substantive law. In example, compared to the German inheritance law, the Greek inheritance law has many similar provisions, but significant differences as well.


We advise you thoroughly in the context of the handling of the inheritance in Greece. Especially we support you in the determination of heirs or inheritance, we undertake land registry or cadastral research for property rights to real estate in Greece, we determine wills at the Greek central register of the Athens district court and at the local competent district courts, we determine any bank accounts that may be present, we prepare the acceptance of the inheritance support you in drafting the certificate of inheritance.


In addition, we advise you on the taxation of cross-border inheritances and gifts, prepare expert reports for you on their taxation (about double taxation, tax relief, etc.), we support you with the tax assessment of your inheritance or gift tax return) and, if necessary, take care of them we assist you in filing legal remedies against inheritance tax notices.


Our services also include your representation in justice inheritance procedures and inheritance legal procedures (including certificate of inheritance proceedings, declaratory actions, and actions for division of inheritance).


Furthermore, we support you with your estate planning, advise you on questions of double taxation as well as in the tax assessment of your estate.

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