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By participating in the Golden Visa programme, third-country nationals may acquire a place of residence and citizenship by real estate investments.

Foreign investors from third countries who purchase real estate worth over € 250,000 obtain a five-year visa for Greece for themselves and their families and thus for each country in the EU.

After 5 years, the investor may extend the visa by further 5 years if the real estate is still in the investor’s possession.


What advantages does the residence permit holder have in Greece?

You may stay in Greece without interruption throughout the validity of the residence permit.

You may travel to other countries of the Schengen area without restrictions.

Our company conducts all procedures required for the issuance of visas so that you can come to Greece and perform all purchasing operations.


A residence permit is a document issued by the Greek authorities pursuant to which a third-country national is lawfully residing in the Greek sovereign territory under the provisions of the European Union (Regulation 1030/2002, where applicable).


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