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The real estate market in Greece is at the fore due to the comparatively attractive prices and the increasing interest in buying, especially from foreign investors.


EU citizens are not subject to any restrictions when purchasing property in Greece. The acquisition of real estate in Greece is allowed for non-EU citizens under the conditions explained in the Golden Visa section.


As in many European countries, the selection and involvement of competent advisors (lawyers, tax consultants) as well as competent technical specialists (civil engineers, architects) are of particular importance in order to always guarantee the legally secure processing of a property purchase.

PAX, accompanies and supports you as legal advisor through their nationwide network of competent specialist advisors in the context of your real estate acquisition in Greece.

Our team offers you all-encompassing solutions in close cooperation with our team of experts (real estate consultants, appraisers, notaries, tax consultants).

We support you in all questions of Greek real estate law and in particular we offer you:

         Complete processing of your property acquisition and the entry of the purchase contract in the cadastre or into the 

         land register.


Planning and support of investment projects in the field of commercial real estate (shopping centers, logistic centers, energy parks and holiday complexes).

Property-related market and location analyzes as well as feasibility studies.

Advice on buying and selling shares in real estate companies.

Obtaining building and operating permits.

Advice on the drafting and implementation of construction contracts.

Preparation of rental contracts for anchor tenants and other commercial tenants of the projects.


For private individuals we offer:

  • German-language real estate appraisals

  • German-language property purchase agreements

  • Real estate due diligence

  • Expertise on the building potential

  • Rental and lease agreements

  • Defect and warranty claims

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