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Supervisory Authorities, Title and Occupational-Law Provisions

All lawyers at the Thessaloniki site are members of the Thessaloniki/Greece Bar Association (26 October, No. 5, 546 26, Thessaloniki, tel.: +30 2310 542987, +30 2310 507404, fax: +30 2310 553444,

Angeliki Alexia Gkourdouki is member of the Athens Bar Association.

They all hold the “Δικηγόρος” (Barrister) occupational title conferred by the Hellenic Republic and are subject to the following occupational-law provisions:


Kodikas Dikigoron (Greek Lawyer Code)

Kodikas Deontologias Dikigoron


The content of these occupational-law regulations can be provided on request.

Service Provider

Lawyer Pantelis Tsigkas

Lawyer Xenia Melidou


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