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Energieunternehmen arbeiten an Plänen für eine direkte Stromtrasse von Ägypten über Griechenland nach Süddeutschland. Sie könnte 36 Millionen Haushalte versorgen.

Ein neues Gesetz begünstigt Projekte, die Innovation, "grüne" Technologien und internationale Märkte betreffen. Damit möchte das Land Anreize für hohe Investitionen schaffen.

Die Organisation ...

... geführt durch Herrn Max Schrems, kündigte die Einreichung einer Beschwerde vor der zuständigen Datenschutzbehörde gegen Amazon, wegen Verletzung der Vorschriften des Art. 32 des DSGVO, an.

The Norwegian data protection authority ...

... has imposed a fine of €120,000 on the municipality of Oslo for the data processing in the Skolemeldung app. It was used for communication between school employees, parents and pupils. The municipality did not implement appropriate technical and organisational measures to ensure a level of security appropriate to the risks. The app contained well known vulnerabilities prior to its launch due to inadequate security testing, which made it possible for unauthorised persons to access and alter the the personal data of more than 63,000 pupils. The authority intended to impose a fine of €200,000, however since the municipality implemented measures to limit the dangers as soon as it was made aware of the security issues and showed willingness to fix them.


Key expressions within IoT

Opinion 01/2016...

on the EU–U.S. Privacy Shield draft adequacy decision - wp238

Berliner Datenschutzbeauftragte verhängt Bußgeld gegen Immobiliengesellschaft 

(5. November 2019)

Assessing the proportionality of measures that limit the fundamental rights to privacy and to the protection of personal data.

(19. December 2019)

The Evolution Of Data Protection


A Preliminary Opinion on data protectionand scientific research 

(European Data Protection Supervisor)


Belgian DPA fines for cookie non-compliance and warns others companies to akt in compliance

The benefits of sharing personal data

– what can we learn from Open Banking?

​EU Parliament debates:

Could California be considered 'adequate' on its own?



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