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Litigation & Mediation

We are specialising in civil-law, corporate-law and contract-law litigation in Greece, hence providing our international (English-speaking and German-speaking) clients with lawyers speaking both English and German. In this way, we can always guarantee you an excellent representation in both all Greek courts at all instances and arbitration tribunals.


Particularities of the Greek Code of Civil Procedure:

Documents are served by a bailiff at the parties’ instigation and hence not ex officio.

A written statement of claim must be served on the opposing party the within a 30 days’ time limit from submission of the claim. If the opposing party’s place of residence is located abroad, the claim is to be served within a 60 days’ time limit by way of international mutual assistance. The instituted action is legally ineffective if the time limit is not observed.

Any oral hearing has not been provided for in the Greek Code of Civil Procedure Evidence of witnesses is taken by the submission of declarations in lieu of an oath. Exceptionally, the examination of a witness may be ordered by the court.

The litigants have to submit their written pleadings, powers of attorney for the litigation and means of evidence to the competent court within a 100 days’ time limit from submission of the claim or a 130 days’ time limit from submission of the claim if the opposing party’s place of residence is located abroad. This time limit may not be extended meaning that written pleadings not submitted in due time will not be taken into account by the court. The non-observance of this time limit results in a judgement by default.

The defendant party is entitled to consult the counterparty’s means of evidence for the first time only after both litigants submitted their written pleadings to the court.

After having submitted their written pleadings to the court in due time, the litigants may submit a further written pleading to the court within a further 15 days’ time limit in which they state their position on both the opposing party’s statement of claim and the means of evidence put forward. After this time limit expired, this procedural stage will be deemed completed. The court basically decides on the matter on the basis of the record as it stands.

Mediation is mandatorily integrated into the civil litigation. It is possible to settle civil-law and commercial-law disputes by mediation. The proof of a first mediation date is henceforth a requirement for the admissibility of the action. For a value in dispute of € 30,000.00 and above, minutes of the first mediation date are to be submitted along with the means of evidence.


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